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Lisa Hammond | Reply 14.04.2020 20:49

Hoping to get much wisdom and understanding from this site.

Bruce Laplante 15.04.2020 21:30

I Pray our heavenly Father blesses you richly Lisa! Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Signlady | Reply 14.10.2019 02:15

Sukkot means a lot of things.
To the Jews - it is a celebration or feast of tabernacles which commemorates the 40 years of wandering thru & being brought out of the wilderness. Each family builds their own temporary 'tent'-like structure & has their feast

Bruce Laplante 16.10.2019 18:03

Amen Sister Signlady!

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31.01 | 18:32

If it were me Mona, I would want to obey Acts 2:38...I would want to be baptized into the Name of Jesus or Yeshua, the only Name whereby we can be saved.Bless u

31.01 | 18:24

PTL Mona! I would never judge someone for being baptized in the titles FSH, but the Apostles never did, they always baptized in the Name of Jesus. See Acts 2:38

31.01 | 17:33

Are you saying that we must be baptized in the name of Jesus (Yeshua) Christ of Nazareth? What is you were baptized in the name of the FSH?

28.12 | 10:37

Thank you so much for sharing the Word you received from the Lord! He speaks to the hungry and thirsty...Proverbs 25:2. Study the Lord’s festivals Sister!

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