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The following is a collection of studies that I have put together as a result of my personal search for the truth. I fully recognize that because I am an imperfect human being my perception of the truth may change as I continue to grow in relationship with the Lord Yeshua (Jesus), the source and foundation of all truth. However, in the words of John Newton, the author of the great hymn "Amazing Grace" - "there are two things that I have known in life - I am a great sinner and Christ (Messiah) is a great Savior." May the Lord bless you in your personal search for the truth in the Lord and may you continue to grow closer in your relationship with Him.

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Greg Williams | Reply 18.04.2022 13:32

Bruce, is this the primary way to reach you?
I am most happy to see your emphasis on TNK
Is this site still getting much of your attention?

Bruce 18.04.2022 17:59

My email is Bruce.laplante@yahoo.com if u would to correspond w me directly.

Ed Reed | Reply 08.03.2020 22:06

In the 7 words for praise. On the word tehillah there is reference to chanting in the dorian mode the words of halal. Can you direct me to more info on this?

Don Stevenson | Reply 06.11.2018 15:43

Do you have an email to which we can discuss the subject of God who is one? To 1982/1983 I was spiritually brought Eze 33:8-9 which then manifests to God as one

Bruce 06.11.2018 21:23

Thank You for your comment Don, I’d be happy to discuss the Oneness of God with you. My email is bruce.laplante@yahoo.com

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16.08 | 10:25

Lord bless you in your search for truth!

15.08 | 10:15

Thanks for your comment Tracy, Lord bless you in your continued search for truth!

14.08 | 01:11

Thank you so much I want to worship Jesus in Spirit and in truth with my whole heart and soul I want to call him the name he desires

10.08 | 05:59

It was so powerful blessed God

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