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Signlady | Reply 14.10.2019 02.15

Sukkot means a lot of things.
To the Jews - it is a celebration or feast of tabernacles which commemorates the 40 years of wandering thru & being brought out of the wilderness. Each family builds their own temporary 'tent'-like structure & has their feast

Bruce Laplante 16.10.2019 18.03

Amen Sister Signlady!

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03.12 | 11:16

The Jews who introduced God to the world have never believed in more than one...the trinity doctrine is pagan to them

03.12 | 10:58

Three persons in one is not a mystery, it's an impossibility...remember we were made in His image. We have different roles but we're the same person

03.12 | 10:46

Hi John. Scripture says God (singular) was manifest in the flesh as Jesus Messiah.John 14 Jesus Himself said "if you've seen me you've seen the Father.

03.12 | 09:27

But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ the Righteous One. The latter is a term for Yahweh. But he advocates to Father

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